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Zoom and Skype Lessons available due to the Covid Outbreak. contact Adam via the contact part of this site.  


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Winter/Spring 2020

This year has been an amazing one so far. Eight students passed their practical instrumental exams with many receiving merits and distinctions! They will all enjoy the academic credits that the pass will bring. It will help towards their overall GCSE and A - level results. Yes I know. Pretty cool. Most importantly, they enjoyed the process and had fun along the way

Our Winter Strings for All classes were amazing too! This was the the thirs year for a Kent workshop and you could hear us playing Purcell all the way across the Pantiles (apparently)! All participants played brilliantly. 

Now It's countdown time again! Today launched the beginning of promoting our fab summer workshops. The dates shall be confirmed shortly and we will have another amazing day in Tunbridge Wells on August 5 and a fab first time at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival!



Summer 2019

From July 25 to 29 inc 2019, Aberdeen International Youth Festival is launching Strings for All Workshops and Masterclasses led by folk and rock fiddler and classical violinist Adam Phillips.

The Workshops are open to all age groups and aims to attract violinists, cellists, fiddle players, violists and flautists.

Adam is a direct descendent of the 18th Century Scottish composer and fiddler William Marshall, who is credited as creating 'the first Strathspeys of the age.' Adam, who is a native of Aberdeen and a previous flag bearer at the Festival, will reveal the secrets that lie behind a number of Marshall's beautiful works.

Participants will gain the opportunity to harmonise and compose traditional Celtic music as well as key works by Marshall. The week will also allow students to develop improvisatory skills and enable them to form their own trios and quartets based on ideas drawn from other composers such as John Williams and Philip Glass.

One on one tuition will also be a sizeable portion of this series of workshops, so it is ideal for students preparing for music scholarships, graded exams or auditions.

Players will engage with Adam's unique musical heritage in this very popular week while developing their own skills, learning new pieces and performing in their own concert on Friday 29th July.

To Book a place on either the Aberdeen Summer workshops or/and a place at The Tun Wells workshop on August 5, please see the events part of the website or simply contact myself via Contacts. 



Happy New Year everyone.

I hope that you all achieve happiness in 2019. You all played so well at Strings for All in 2018. It was an amazing year for all students.

The workshops are unique in so far that in 6 hours, students gain the essential skills to Compose which can make passing a theory exam easier. Learn how to Improvise a Philip Glass or rock themed style piece. Learn to play a stringed instrument through movement initially and interpret their repertoire using a mix of tone colour and vibrato which they would never have thought possible. All taught by one professional violinist with mindfulness training. This means that students who attend may be nervous and after a day's work may Feel nervous but know how to constructively challenge this and often achieve the Music Scholarship of their dreams.

Strings for All will rock this year too, and in April we are hosting days in Royal Tunbridge Wells and hopefully a weekend day in Lewes. Special guests will be on the cards and in Summer we will join hands with the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. Please come and simply watch and if you are interested either as a spectator or as a participant, please Facebook me or contact me xx




My fab wee student in Aberdeenshire has passed with distinction and one of the highest distinction marks known in this session so far




Summer 2015!


Hello All! Rock and workshops and home-ed groups!

I have pleasure in announcing that in July, I am launching a rock rock/fiddle curriculum at a school in Kent. Instead of solely Suzuki and a little folk, students will receive a classical foundation and then can follow either a classical or a folk/rock pathway. I am also in talks with Rock School to try and implement a rock violin syllabus. Exciting stuff!


Home eds and all:

Just a reminder that we have a number of fab multi-instrumental workshops in Eastbourne this Summer. On Aug 2, 5, 6 and 16 and possibly from Aug 10 - 13 too. Players of mainly stringed instruments will have the opportunity to learn rock techniques as well as classical and folk! All ages and level.

Home eds mainly:

The home ed students I am tutoring are all excellent and inspiring students. I still
have places for more and offer a student-centred approach on piano, violin. viola, recorder and Celtic drum (bodhran). I utilise an empathic approach that gets the best from students. From East Sussex to Brighton and South Kent.



STRINGS FOR ALL - AWESOMES! Spring. More in Summer!


Many of you have probably wondered where Iv'e been. Busy and awesome cover these last two weeks. Iv'e just finished running and organising five Strings and Bodhran workshops in Eastbourne and in Scotland with an array of wonderful players some of whom were excellent players from local professional led amateur orchestras in Scotland and Fiddle ensembles.


One utterly awesome highlight was a workshop led by the amazing Jelca Junior Davey. Incredible musician.


JULY. In Aberdeen from July 26 - 29, we have more fab workshops and this time they have been promoted by the Aberdeen International Youth Festival!


AUGUST. In Eastbourne in August, we have dates for Bodhran players and all strings this time. Electric violin, rock fiddle and even a special guest will all be on the cards!


MAY. The amazing and beautiful Coral Harmer Brown and myself shall be playing at the Alfriston Festival in May. We will be playing pieces from Coral's new album which I am playing on!

Blessed, happy days and all that jazz:)


Winter/Spring 2015!


Folk fiddle and Bodhran day:

LAST Monday was another fantastic workshop day (Feb 16). We had ten fiddle players who dutifully learnt a mixture of traditonal fiddle reels, composed their own for the first time and learned one by heart.  Writing words and poetry to music was the order of the day too.  

Our wonderful ten all feel confident enough to now play at 'real'! folk sessions in various East Sussex venues. Numbers and e-mails were swapped and friendships were forged. 


Irish Bodhran Champion:

FOR those of you who have never heard of a Bodhran, it is a Celtic drum a little like a huge tambor that has various types of animal skin attached to a wooden frame.  It makes an amazing sound with a tipper (beater) and players can also subtley change the pitch by moving their left hand against the back of the skin. 

The amazing news is that Irish Bodhran champion and recording artist, Junior Davey, will be joining us at our next workshop on March 29. It will be an amazing opportunity and it will help launch the drumming part of Strings for All. 


Coral Harmer-Brown and Magifestival in Alfriston:

AWESOME Sussex based singer and songwriter Coral invited me to record on a  number of her tracks last week and the vibe was astonishing. I feel really blessed that she asked me and I am so looking forward to being on her next album and also playing a set with Coral at the Magifestival in Alfriston this summer. 


Winter 2014!


PASSES AND SCHOOL SHOWS - I have had a fantastic year of tutoring and playing. All of my students have passed their exams from passes to merits to distinctions and I am very proud of you all. I am also fantastically proud of all students who have played at school shows and overall have progressed so spiffingly well!


WORKSHOPS - There are only 2 days left to our second winter Strings for All workshop and masterclasses for cellists, violists, fiddle players. Beginners, intermediate players and advanced players are all welcome. The first workshop is on Dec 28. 


HOME EDS - In January, We are carrying on with fabulous string and piano group lessons in Eastbourne, Lewes and Hadlow Down and Heathfield.


LEWES - Workshops in Lewes one Sunday per month will also be organised too for the New Year. Please contact me, Adam Phillips or my PA Veronica Ewens if you are interested. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year,
Adam :-)))




Strings for All Summer 2014


My wonderful students at the Strings for All summer event in Eastbourne 2014

All of my students played beautifully :)) 
We followed this amazing pathway whereby we started improvising on open strings some rock, others classical. 

Participants then used these ideas to form their own compositions which ranged from Angry Birds to classical cadenzas. Amazing results. 

The day was rounded off with meditation, solo pieces and the Overture from Mozart's Magic Flute. 

You all played stunningly and I have suggested that the 'younger' players use these ideas for school exams. 

More workshops in December 2014 this year! 

Adam :-))




This has proven to be an incredibly exciting year so far. In April and January, Strings for All workshops were brilliantly received in Aberdeen and Eastbourne.   

Some of the comments from partcipants included:


"It's always a confidence boost attending the workshops, especially at the minute when it's difficult to find time to practice as I do worry that I'm going backwards!" Nicola Reid, Inverurie.

"Adam you are so nice. I thought of you all on Monday and wished I was with you. Roll on the summer workshop." Anabel Smith, Aberdeen 

"The games helped me learn lots in a fun, exciting way. The meditation helped me to focus before we got started, which was really good as I can get a little nervous." Yvonne Payne, Longside.


Please check the Events calendar for future Strings for All workshops. 


I am very happy to announce the arrival of Stella Homewoods new album - The Wild Places. It's stunning and I'm playing violin on a number of tracks.

Please see - for more info and  


Strings For All - Eastbourne Herald


Strings For All - Eastbourne Herald


Strings For All - Eastbourne Herald



Lachlan Campbell - Beautiful

Adam Phillips playing violin.

Strings For All


  • "The games helped me learn lots in a fun, exciting way. The meditation helped me to focus before we got started, which was really good as I can get a little nervous." 

    Yvonne Payne