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“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way -


On purpose,
 in the present moment, and


Jon Kabat-Zinn.


I became both fascinated and inspired with mindfulness after spending a number of years tutoring students from all walks of life. 


I would often go home reflecting after a day’s tutoring thinking about how I could really engage these children and adults during their lessons.  The answer came to me fairly recently when a student, after a hard day at school, found it difficult to focus. After ten minutes, she could not stop playing and the sounds and rhythms that my student was producing were rich and exciting.


The question I posed to her was simple and succinct “what happened?”  She answered that she was “thinking about the sound.”   


I believe, therefore, that if we create the right conditions and encourage students to ‘think’ about their playing, the here and now, without judgement , honing in on the subtleties in a relaxed manner, the results can be incredibly rewarding.  This is mindfulness in action.


The Strings for All workshops in December 2014 have been created to allow students the opportunity to do exactly this. 



Mindfulness is the ability to bring an alert, receptive awareness to present-moment experience with flexibility and acceptance. It is a natural capacity of mind, whose benefits are becoming increasingly known.

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Head first: mindfulness and music

Can meditation – mindfulness – make you a better musician? Rolf Hind believes sometimes the best soundtrack to our thoughts is total silence.

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